Book Blog Tour – Leave of Absence by Tanya J Peterson

Hello good readers,

I’m excited to announce that I’m participating the upcoming blog tour for Tanya J. Peterson‘s latest book which is out this month. The tour will be held in May and June of 2013. I will be reviewing the book (to be honest, I’ve begun reading it and hmmm, very hooked at the moment). I also hope to be doing an interview with the author here, so if you have any pressing questions or comments, shoot!

LoA Blog Tour

The book is about patients with mental illnesses, their stories, their lives, and how being and not being sane in an insane world. This is the first book I’m reading of this particular genre which approaches this theme from the standpoint of individual patients. Here is the trailer for you!


3 thoughts on “Book Blog Tour – Leave of Absence by Tanya J Peterson

  1. Interesting. Will like to hear your views. It is a very difficult and sensitive subject. Schrezophenia is difficult to deal for loved ones. Looking forward to your views.

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