The Valkyries …a review

Paulo Coelho mostly writes esoteric stuff. The kind that makes me wonder how some peoples’ thinking can be on such a completely different plane from that of others’. This book, however, is a tad different in that regard. I do agree that if he really has been on the journeys that he claims to have been on, then he has had a very interesting life, to say the very least. The concept of this book is simpler, the search for ones’ own angels, guiding forces, spaces of comfort.

He travels through the Mojave desert with his wife Chris, who at the beginning of the book is a mere mortal, just like you or me. The descriptions of the days and nights, the heat and cold, of the desert is beautiful, almost haunting. The kind of vibration of the sand, its mirages, and traps, the dealing of these things make the book elusive to the novice reader. But eventually, angels do come. And in this quest the Valkyries play an important part.

{In Norse mythology, a valkyrie (from Old Norse valkyrja “chooser of the slain”) is one of a host of female figures who decide who will die in battle.} Fascinating, yes?

Here, it is a group of women dressed in leather jackets and chunk, antique jewellery who ride on dirt motorbikes (I already have a very brazen image in my mind) and live a floating life, like a mirage. They meet and guide travelers, have cult rituals in abandoned caves, talk to the coyotes, and make love to strangers in the desert sands to satiate themselves. This book should have been as famous as the Alchemist, the imagery is beautiful…

Quote: She (Valhalla) walked some distance from the camp, and gazed for a long time at the moon. She asked the archangel Michael to continue to appear to her, to continue to provide her with valuable advice, and to help her to maintain a firm hand.
“You won in your battles with the other angels,” she prayed. “Teach me to win. That I not disperse this flock of eight people, so that one day we might be thousands, millions. Forgive my errors, and fill my heart with enthusiasm. Grant me the strength to be both man and woman, both hard and soft.
“May my word be your lance.
“May my love be your scale.”

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