The Coral Island: A Tale of the Pacific Ocean …a review

This is a children’s book. Much like Treasure Island, but far less known. Mum happened to see it together with the latter and picked it up for my tenth birthday. It is written by Scottish author R. M. Ballantyne, who I don’t know has written what else. But I read this book before I read Treasure Island, and I remember that I loved it. Three boys are marooned on an island in the South Pacific when they are in a shipwreck.

The novel goes on to narrate from a first person narrative, the author is the cheeky Ralph Rover, the story of how they manage to survive a long time. They eat all sorts of things, build a house, swim in the sea, and encounter savage tribes. But the style of writing is very simple, the jokes and humour is very very pre-teen, and it is a lovely read overall. To be honest,  Treasure Island is a dark book. It brings children face-to-face with deceit, trickery, mutiny, and violence. This book has none of that but is equally adventurous. Apparently, as per Wiki, it was the inspiration for William Golding’s dystopian Lord of the Flies (1954). I had no idea!

I recommend it as a read for those with kids. Read it to your child when he/she is maybe seven, it will make many a day exciting!

I smell Adventure!

Quote: “When we awoke on the following morning we found that the sun was already a good way above the horizon, so I came to the conclusion that a heavy supper is not conducive to early rising.  Never-the-less, we felt remarkably strong and well, and much disposed to have our breakfast.  First, however, we had our customary morning bathe, which refreshed us greatly.”