An Orkney Murder … a review

Murder mystery, female detective, attractive man in scene, local folklore – spicy mix for a great winter read! The third in the Rose McQuinn series, I haven’t read the first two but the background was easily picked up. Rose comes to the village of her childhood to visit her sister Emily all the way from Edinburgh, thinking that it would be a restful break from her hectic city life. She looks forward to her rest with her sister, brother-in-law, and her grandmother who lives with them.

She is proved wrong. The calm pleasure of Rose’s holiday is shattered when a body is discovered during an archaeological dig. Far from being that of a 13th century princess, as the archaeologists had hoped, it becomes clear it’s of a local woman, long presumed drowned but in fact brutally murdered.

As the plot uncovers more and more, Rose fears for the innocence of those closest to her, but is there the innocence to fear for? Added to the mystery is a great grandmother who she has never heard of, that lives in a small croft, that is more than a 100 years old and was rescued by the sea. Her premonitions are always true, her potions are potent, and she hunches when she walks, dragging her feet behind her into the mist, much like a…

Lovely style of writing, great imagery of the islands, perfect read!