1Q84 …a review

Murakami’s latest was ideally to be finished in three weeks, but it took me a long long time because of all that was going on at the family front. So, for the last five weeks, people around me and strangers to me have known me to be lugging around a giant black (I took the jacket off for fear of it getting spoilt) book that looked menacing and forbidding for most part.

It was, shall I say, a very mature read. I say that because I do not thing a fifteen year old can easily perceive what was going on. The mystery, the parallelism, of universes, the love story, is all very well. But the author of strange tales has surpassed himself with the concepts in this book. At many places, I had to re-read bits to make sure what was going on. Anyway, I’d definitely recommend it to those who want to read something that lasts them long enough without being a heavy read. The language is clear, the translation, easy flowing, the plot is tight and well paced.

And the strangest thing of all? The page number and the name of the book written in each page are mirror images… look how!


Ain’t that trippy?

Also, I know this is gross trivialisation of a brilliant author, but it’s awesome!