Be Careful What You Wish For … a review

This is the fourth book of Jeffery Archer’s Clifton Chronicles series, and mind you, as of now, this is as far as the series has been written. The next part is slated for release in 2015, and trust Jefferey Archer to have ended this book at a far more crucial cliffhanging moment than the last.  In this book, the stories of Harry Clifton, Giles, and Emma Barrington continue, even as they are joined by the next generation of Clifton, Sebastian and Jessica. Just as there was a vote in the House of Lords to decide who will inherit the Barrington estate in the previous book, followed by the votes of the general elections, this book too, has some votes being cast. This time, it is for the post of Chairman of the prestigious Barrington Shipping Business. The World wars are a thing of the past and as the company decides to build and launch a fleet of luxury liners, they need someone of nerves of steel to guide them.

The evil Martinez family is plotting revenge against the two families. They try very very hard to bring the company to ruin, with the assistance of Major Fisher and Lady Fenwick, who we have met before as well. But this time, a couple of other good men, in the form of Mr Hardcastle, Mr Buchanan and Mr Bingham. With their help, it is a huge danger that the company must avert. They have failed in the past, which is why the board and the shareholders are not too confident either.

A great part of the action takes place aboard The Night Scotsman, the overnight train from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverley. Since I have been on this train a couple of times, this was very exciting for me! All said and done, this book started off a little slow but picked up pace and did not disappoint at all. Must read!

Best Kept Secret … a review

This is the third book of Jeffery Archer’s Clifton Chronicles series, and mind you, as of now, this is as far as the series has been written. The story of Harry Clifton, Giles, and Emma Barrington continues as there is a vote in the House of Lords to decide who will inherit the Barrington estate. And while this bit is kind of predictable, it is still written up in a very interesting way. ntense courtroom scenes and everything. While the rest of the plot has moved on to include Harry and Emma’s son Sebastian, the older generations still play very important parts, and the novel becomes an interesting medley of stories old and new, of both generations.

Harry is in America promoting his novels and Emma is out solving mysteries that plague her own family. Giles Barrington is defending his seat in the House of Commons and if you can guess, you’ll know soon enough who’s out to thwart his efforts. But thanks to Sebastian Clifton, Giles is successful.

In 1957, Sebastian wins a scholarship to Cambridge, much like his Aunt Grace did all those years ago. But, you and innocent as he is, he is lured into a trap to smuggle a statue into Britain. Going to Cambridge becomes a really distant possibility as he ends up on a ship for South America and to be honest, till the end of the book, he hasn’t actually ended up in Cambridge yet. The ending is quite exciting, what with the Government’s interference to nab the smugglers and Sebastian’s parents pitching in to make it happen.

Does Sebastian go to Cambridge? Is his life in danger? Gosh, have to wait longer to find out!

The Sins of the Father … a review

This is the second book of Jeffery Archer’s Clifton Chronicles trilogy. The story of Harry Clifton, Giles, and Emma Barrington continues as Britain is at war with Germany and Harry, as one, well acquainted with his character from the previous book, would expect, decides to sign up. But fortune is not on his side, as his ship is sunk in the Atlantic by a German U-boat, drowning almost the entire crew. Harry and an American, Bradshaw are subsequently rescued by an American ship. Bradshaw doesn’t survive and Harry, seizing this great opportunity to start afresh, steps into America as Tom Bradshaw.

But on landing in America, he quickly learns the mistake he has made, when he discovers what is awaiting Bradshaw in New York. Now he’s in a fix and the story continues in full steam. Emma, even though informed of Harry’s ‘death’, manages to know enough to believe otherwise and pursues the father of her child across seas, in the midst of war. What a girl!

Giles is now trying to go into politics to become an elected Member of Parliament and when the plot pans out, his friendship with Harry is going to be tested to a great limit. As the previous book, smaller characters like Maisie Clifton, Old Jack, Sir Walter, and Lord Harvey never fail to bring in drama and intensity! Great read, even better than Book 1.

Musing Mondays (January 06)

My Musing:

After a long time, I began reading a series, The Clifton Chronicles, written by Jeffery Archer. I happily embarked on the journey, completely convinced that it was a trilogy. Woe of woes, I’m midway through the third book and was told by a friend that it is actually a five part series, and the last two books have not been written yet. Now I’m annoyed with myself because that means that when part 4 is released, I’ll have forgotten a great deal of the story line; after all, it is a year from now.

I try and let the author finish writing all parts before I start reading a series. Else, either I end up not finishing the series at all or I have to re-read the earlier parts. This one’s a good series though 😛

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