The Temple-Goers …a review

This book was written to sell. It was written in the times when LGBTQ and Gay Pride Parades were at their peak in Delhi and I’m sure this book would’ve flown off the shelves. I’m completely in favour of freedom of choosing one’s own sexuality but once the author turned gay after his trainer and his trainer’s-wife’s-brother were already gay, I was tearing my hair out. 2% of population… maybe even 10%; but 60% of the major characters? Seriously? Maybe I did not understand the book…

Also, again, I’m in favour of the writer taking liberty with the kind of language he uses; but calling place with typical-Hindi-Delhi-slangs is not palatable for me. The only slightly interesting part was the author’s learning Urdu, I found myself waititng for those bits to arrive while I was reading… There is no semblance of a storyline; only a narrative of what the writer is up to. Why on earth would I be interested? And what’s with Indian’s still having to “Oh I was in Spain for the summer” and “Ooooh, New Yprk in winter!”?

I hope this man stops writing after this debut.