Hundreds of books have been made into movies. Millions of books wont…

I have been reading for as long as I can remember. Understandably, I have come across good and bad books. Some have left a mark, some have scarred, some others have just passed me by. Of all the books that have left a mark, a lot were illustrated versions. I am a very imaginative person, and always visualize what I am reading. But, I can’t draw to save my life!

While I was telling y’all about digitized images to go with quotes, I was thinking of all the images in my head. Books like, say ‘The Lord of the Rings’, they’e turned into good movies. And now, when I read the book again, Legolas IS Bloom, and Arwen is Tyler! But, there are so many books for which there is no such visual representation… Take Moby Dick, for example. I read an illustrated version of the book when I was eight; and now, when anyone mentions the whale, the picture in my head is one of those in the book.

Most children books have illustrated version, I note. Not a lot of adult ones do, unless they are collectibles or something… Recently I was sent a copy of ‘Pictures from Italy’, and the artwork inside the book blew me away! It’s a travelogue by Dickens. This particular edition from Tara is a 200th birth year tribute. I’m raving about the book and I haven’t even started reading!

Some books with wonderful illustrations are imprinted in my head, the characters speak feel and love, and I can see it happening like a movie. I love TV shows of the Famous Five and stuff, but an illustrated book is so stylish!

V and I have a pact, that when I write my book, he will do the artwork. There will be one painting at the beginning of each chapter and one each for the front and back covers! And he says they shan’t be illustrations, they shall be paintings 🙂

What kind of artwork can you have for Murakami!? Imagine the possibilities! Think beyond cats 😛