Be Careful What You Wish For … a review

This is the fourth book of Jeffery Archer’s Clifton Chronicles series, and mind you, as of now, this is as far as the series has been written. The next part is slated for release in 2015, and trust Jefferey Archer to have ended this book at a far more crucial cliffhanging moment than the last.  In this book, the stories of Harry Clifton, Giles, and Emma Barrington continue, even as they are joined by the next generation of Clifton, Sebastian and Jessica. Just as there was a vote in the House of Lords to decide who will inherit the Barrington estate in the previous book, followed by the votes of the general elections, this book too, has some votes being cast. This time, it is for the post of Chairman of the prestigious Barrington Shipping Business. The World wars are a thing of the past and as the company decides to build and launch a fleet of luxury liners, they need someone of nerves of steel to guide them.

The evil Martinez family is plotting revenge against the two families. They try very very hard to bring the company to ruin, with the assistance of Major Fisher and Lady Fenwick, who we have met before as well. But this time, a couple of other good men, in the form of Mr Hardcastle, Mr Buchanan and Mr Bingham. With their help, it is a huge danger that the company must avert. They have failed in the past, which is why the board and the shareholders are not too confident either.

A great part of the action takes place aboard The Night Scotsman, the overnight train from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverley. Since I have been on this train a couple of times, this was very exciting for me! All said and done, this book started off a little slow but picked up pace and did not disappoint at all. Must read!