Dubliners … a review

The only Irish author I can claim to have read extensively is Oscar Wilde. At the end of this month, I might be travelling to Dublin for work and so I thought, as part of the Classics Challenge, why not James Joyce? I have always associated Joyce with Ulysses and the size of it has been off-putting. I have also been under the mistaken impression that all of his works are long.

I was wrong. Even at the bookstore, I was surprised by the thinness of this book. ‘Practically a novella…’ I thought to myself. Wrong again! As it turns out, Dubliners is a book of short stories… major Joyce ignorance.

It is a delightful read. Enthused by the short story dip in and out aspect, I delved into it with gusto. The stories are like walking down the city streets. It is a mix of all the caricatures that you would see on city streets – the jilted lover, the reluctant wife, the whore, and the saint. The stories, themselves, cover the entire gamut of emotions. The style of writing reminded me of Dickens, but without the ramblings. The plot delves in straight to the point and does business.

Dublin is brought out through its residents, isn’t that lovely?  I was transported to the Irish country capital even before I got there. I would thoroughly recommend this book as a quick but meaningful read. And ths has definitely made me want to read more of his works. I am looking forward to Dublin.

Reading more…

2015 was a bad year for my reading. I picked up many books that I abandoned because I did not enjoy them. And then I just didn’t pick books up many months of the year. I tried to make up for it in Nov and Dec but that didn’t go very well either. That’s all going to have to change.

One of the things I’ve never done before is a Reading challenge. I’ve signed up for one this year, hosted by You, Me and a Cup of Tea. It is a Classics challenge, which will be nice as I really enjoy reading them. We’ll see…

Do you sign up to ‘challenges’?