When I was a student

The first time I moved to Edinburgh, more than 3 years ago was when I decided to do a Masters degree at Edinburgh University. While completing that degree is easily the hardest thing I’ve done in my academic life, it was also the most rewarding for having brought me to the burgh. I love this place to bits and I am very lucky to have stayed on for work.

MBA Crystal Ball asked me to do a summary of my overall experience, you should read it! Here.

Revenge Wears Prada … a review

Of course I had to read it! I loved Devil Wears Prada when it hit the shelves and I too, along with many others, felt thatĀ Lauren Weisberger had to come up with a sequel. What happens to Andrea and Miranda after they part ways… what happens to Andy’s relationship with Alex. And Emily? We last left Emily very bitter… the sequel brings us face to face with these characters ten years down the line.

Emily and Andy are now working in a joint venture, and peace is between them. Both of them have found love and their lives are happy and successful. But when Miranda Priestley’s office calls, can peace keep its hold? What, why, oh God no… are reactions very common. But will the new friendship and the new venture stand the test of Miranda’s presence in their lives? Again! Very entertaining.

However, the two most major twists in the plot were totally, I mean totally predictable! It took me two pages to realise that a puking, tired, irritated Andy was pregnant, in the book, the discovery takes about 40 pages! The fact that Max is totally going behind her back and Emily too is in on it, took me about 20 pages, in the book, it is the climax! These were very very disappointing bits. I kept thinking that what I was predicting wouldn’t be true and something totally out of the blue would happen but I was let down.

So… read it if you, like me, have been waiting for a sequel. Else, don’t bother šŸ˜›