Girl on the Train … a review

A while ago, I came across a list that had names of books people who liked ‘Gone Girl’ might enjoy. I really enjoyed that book so this blurb caught my eye. I then picked it up at the airport in the summer this year at 4 am when I had a 4 hour wait, perfect. It was only when I saw the cover that I realised that the movie was about to come out this year as well.

Now, this book was really good to kill those four hrs and some time on the flight as well. It is fast paced, suitably written, and the plot is quite tight. I was, however, slightly disappointed at the end. Not because I had guessed anything by the way, but just the way the entire sequence of events unfolded. If you have seen the movie, you know the plot already, but I will not give away spoilers here.

My favourite part of the story line was the way the unreliable narrator theme was handles. It has been a while since I read a book which really made me uncomfortable as I just couldn’t trust what the narrator (in this case, the protagonist) was telling me. So definitely worth a read, also a pretty good movie, faithful to the book too, so also recommended.

Revenge Wears Prada … a review

Of course I had to read it! I loved Devil Wears Prada when it hit the shelves and I too, along with many others, felt that¬†Lauren Weisberger had to come up with a sequel. What happens to Andrea and Miranda after they part ways… what happens to Andy’s relationship with Alex. And Emily? We last left Emily very bitter… the sequel brings us face to face with these characters ten years down the line.

Emily and Andy are now working in a joint venture, and peace is between them. Both of them have found love and their lives are happy and successful. But when Miranda Priestley’s office calls, can peace keep its hold? What, why, oh God no… are reactions very common. But will the new friendship and the new venture stand the test of Miranda’s presence in their lives? Again! Very entertaining.

However, the two most major twists in the plot were totally, I mean totally predictable! It took me two pages to realise that a puking, tired, irritated Andy was pregnant, in the book, the discovery takes about 40 pages! The fact that Max is totally going behind her back and Emily too is in on it, took me about 20 pages, in the book, it is the climax! These were very very disappointing bits. I kept thinking that what I was predicting wouldn’t be true and something totally out of the blue would happen but I was let down.

So… read it if you, like me, have been waiting for a sequel. Else, don’t bother ūüėõ

Happy Birthday, Robert Ludlum!

5 things one might like to know about him:

1. The number of copies of his books in print is estimated between 290 million and 500 million, across 33 languages and 40 countries.

2. Before he started writing thrillers, he had been a United States Marine, a theatrical actor, and producer.

3.¬†Ludlum’s novels were often inspired by conspiracy theories. I must confess I haven’t read any of the ones that are… The Matarese Circle, The Holcroft Covenant etc.

4. Ludlum also published books under the pseudonyms Jonathan Ryder and Michael Shepherd.

5. Ludlum used the same fixed titling pattern of  The [Proper Noun] [Noun] for most of his books. Subsequent to his death, books written by other authors have carried the phrase Robert LudlumTM on their covers, thus asserting the name Robert Ludlum as a trademark.

(Information courtesy: Wikipedia)