Making It Happen … a review

I do not usually read non-fiction, but when I do, I make sure it’s brilliant! Anyone with an interest in the UK, banking, recession, economics, RBS should read this book. If you aren’t into any of the above but love to read a power-packed action themed book like watching a dramatic soap opera, read this book.

Written by an investigative journalist Iain Martin, the book’s byline is Fred Goodwin, RBS, and the Men who blew up the British economy.  Written from a third person’s perspective, this book jumps between the past and present and covers a timeline from when the bank was formed in the 1700s to modern day 2013. If that seems like a long time line, you are right. But because of the back and forth nature of the narrative, it does not read like a long documentary.

Some parts, like the rise of Lord Younger and Fred Goodwin, read so excitingly.  These were men in the spotlight, nationalistic pride enthused them, and they were making the biggest bank in the words from one of the smallest countries in the world. All of it is incredible. I, of course, work for the bank and I see a lot of things being said and done and this book has given me new insight into understanding one of the oldest institutions of the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The moments leading up to the market crash in 2007 are some that most of us remember quite vividly and has definitely affected us in many many ways. This book tries to make some sense of it all. And in the end you see how much was human error and how much was, well, just human.