Death of a Demon … a review

So once the Fringe was done, I was itching to get back to reading. I have read a ridiculously low number of books this year and am hoping to remedy that in the colder months. So, to get myself in the zone, I needed something fast paced and light. So, I turned to Scandi noir and picked up an author I hadn’t read before. Possibly because I didn’t think Anne was a Scandinavian name (my bad).

So this book ticked all the boxes for me… when the murder happens two chapters in, I’m very pleased. A foster home carer is murdered and a disturbed child has escaped – the obvious is obviously not true and detective inspector Hanne is on the case. She has baggage of her own, as does the murdered lady, as we find out. The eventual homing in on the murderer is approached very well – with a combination of clues and chance and charm..

I enjoyed this. It is not the greatest murder thriller of all time. But if you’re looking for a good commute read or a snuggle in bed on a cold day read, go for this lady’s books. Good stuff.

Thank you!

20131008-174733.jpgFall has caught up with Edinburgh. And while I’m overwhelmed by the dance of orange, brown, yellow, and green; I am overwhelmed too, by how my little blog’s readership is growing. Thank you for the recent spate of likes and follows. Thank you also, for your kind words. I’m still catching up with those who follow me, and if you have less than an obscene amount of followers already, know that I shall follow you back.

It is a funny coincidence how 200 posts and 200 followers came within mere hours of one another. If I grind it to the barest, I may have gathered a follower for every post, which isn’t bad at all 🙂

I will try my best to keep this space encouraging and entertaining. I also updated this page for easier navigation.