Happy Birthday, Arthur Conan Doyle!

A doctor! That’s what he was… an eye doctor from the University of Edinburgh! Can you imagine!?
Can you imagine an author killing a character to get ‘rid of him’ and having to bring him back because of public outcry!? Lol… tee hee. I know, I know, Sherlock Holmes is amazing and all, but have any of you read his Short Stories? They’re awesome! I could give you names but alas! I read them too long ago and my memory fails me.
Anyway, I’d take him over Agatha Cristie any day. There… I’ve said it; never thought much of her. And I’ll happily defend the statement too!
Go on, remember him, and read a short story 🙂

A Doctor! A Knight! AND an Author!

PS: The fascination for graves? Nothing really, it’s comforting to know that these great men are there, somewhere… albeit under the ground!