The Chessmen … a review

This is the last and final book of The Lewis Trilogy. I wrote about the earlier books here and here. While the personal story of Fin has advanced quite a bit, there was bound to be some part of his dark and brooding head that we hadn’t seen. That part turns out to be a fabulously beautiful and famous woman who was the vocalist for the band that Fin drove a van for! I know, right!
Anyway, the opening bit of the book is when Fin starts a new job investigating a serious spate of illegal game poaching at a local estate. But when he runs into an old school friend Whistler Macaskill, whose turns out to be a poacher; Fin is faced with the tough choice of his principles against his loyalty.
A dead body is discovered again, this time, at the site of a plane crash. And as Fin, with the adorable George Dunn’s ‘assistance’ starts digging deeper into what he thinks is an odd coincidence and the death of an old friend, the reader is drawn deeper into another can of worms. It made me think how hateful it would be to be part of such a small community, where everyone would know everything about everyone!
Although the books in this trilogy may be read as standalones, I think that if you read them back to back, their effect is very powerful. The way Peter May writes makes the characters set up shop in my head, especially Fin. And his stories of the past, along with the dark grim truth of deaths that seem to follow him made this series a very enjoyable read.

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