Back in Brilliant-ness!

I am back!
Thank you for hanging around (once again!) and waiting for me to sort of my life (once again!). It is much appreciated and I am very grateful for the pieces of my life, like this online bit of mine, that doesn’t change. Those of you that have read this blog for long enough or know me personally, will know that I have moved around one time too many and it is not always easy. However, as I have always said, home is where my library card is addressed at!

Anyway, new place (new country, new continent), new job, new role, new office, new flat, new flatmate! Phew! Can you imagine everything changing at the same time? Don’t even get me started on bank accounts, income tax, doctors, public transport etc. Suffice it to say that my absence was, well, completely unintentional. If you’re worried, don’t be. I’m all right, most of the time. And hopefully, you’ll all come back and read along as I write about reading. Here’s to that! To wrap up, I’ll leave you with this photo of a space that I created to preserve my sanity. Heck, I have a cat, I’ll survive!


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