Only Time Will Tell … a review

In between travelling, dealing with tonsilitis, and hours of lying in the pale winter sun; I asked Mum, my go-to person for books, for a fast paced solid read. And, as always, she did not disappoint as she handed me the first book of the Clifton Chronicles trilogy. The story of Harry Clifton, son of Maisie Clifton, takes off in a superb fashion as Harry wins a prestigious scholarship to study in a posh school and his Mum works hard to make ends meet. As with Jeffrey Archer’s some other books, Harry has been told that his father was killed in the First World War.

However, that certainly is not the case… as Harry is soon to find out in a very bizzare (trust me, really bizarre) fashion. But the pace of the novel is good. From his life at the boarding school and friendships that last to crossroads of life where he may either join the army or go to Uni, Harry’s life is fraught with love and deceit, both in equal measure.

The book draws to a close with his final decision (which I won’t tell you) and ends at such an excruciating stage that I was thanking stars that Mum had the entire set of books in hand! And I’m now hooked on to the second book, tracing Harry, his best friend Giles, and his love Emma, through troubled times and across troubled lands. Embark on this series, you won’t be disappointed!

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