A few writing-related updates…

I have been travelling a lot for the last couple of weeks because my Mum came down for my Graduation ceremony, which was on the 28th. I have also been trying to track down my books to libraries etc. I’m definitely in a few far flung places in Scotland. Here is a photo of me (in the form of the Book Week Scotland book) in the National Library of Scotland!

DSC05254 DSC05256

Because of the Book Week Scotland book, I was named and quoted in an Edinburgh newspaper, here. The book is available in e-book format now, it is here. Do read it, there are some wonderfully written pieces in here and as always, I’d love some feedback on my work.

In other news, I wrote a very interesting piece about a book project for For Books’ Sake. Read it here, and maybe look out for the book!

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