5 thoughts on “Friday Find

  1. You’re in Northern Ireland!! I wisited a primary school in Coleraine for two weeks when I still had plans to become s teacher almost 3 years ago. I have never felt so welcome in my life. The friendliest people you’ll ever meet.
    I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I did ^^

    • Yes! Just on a very brief tour to sightsee and take a break. The Irish are lovely people, so cool that you got to live here! We had good fun, did the touristy things, ate local food, and spent a great wee while. Just on the ferry back to good ol’ Embra just now…

      • I did for two weeks, and I absolutely loved it. Northern Ireland and Coleraine will always be one of my favorite places in the world.
        Did you visit Bushmills Distillery? We did, and I discovered a new appreciation for whiskey, even “smuggled” a bottle with me to Norway. Though technically only half the bottle was smuggled, it was just a teeny bit more than I was allowed to bring.
        How is it in Scotland? I’m seriously considering taking a semester abroad next fall

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