Happy Birthday, Gabriel García Márquez!

5 things about one of my favourite authors:

1. He is known affectionately as Gabo throughout Latin America

2. Won the 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature, and is the earliest remaining living recipient.

3. He practically have the masses ‘magic realism’, a genre where magic elements are a natural part in an otherwise mundane, realistic environment. It was probably a result of being in close touch with his grandmother. This is undoubtedly my favourite genre of fiction.

4. He began his career as a journalist while studying law at the National University of Colombia. Needless to say, both journalism and law went for a toss later!

5. Solitude and melancholy are two emotions that you will feel deeply if you read any of his works. So deeply, that they will stir out of your depths, out of those years of repressed feelings, that you may have let dust gather upon…

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