You readers

No one reads this, fine, hardly anyone reads this blog. I hate you when you don’t care.

But the ones that do read, that leave comments and likes and thoughts, those are the ones I write here for. Those are the ones I wish good books for.

The rest of you are mean!

Y U No read my blog?


9 thoughts on “You readers

  1. I know exactly how you feel! I get a happy feeling in my stomach every time I get a comment. It’s those moments that keep your hopes up, and make you continue bloging, you know? To know that /someone/ is actually reading your posts and like what you wrote enough to take the time to comment on it.
    Especially since I’m convinced that the stats are just being mean to me. How can you have no visitors or views the same day that you get 3 likes and 1 new follower? It just doesn’t make sense… If you want lots of comments though; I recommend blogging about coffee. Never have I gotten as many or as quick hits, comments and likes as when I posted a poem/prayer to the goddess of coffee 😉

    -Turns out I’m not the only addict!

    • It keeps me going I tell you. And that can happen because the stats give you dates according to your time zone, so if someone viewed from say, India (like I used to), it would be counted on a different day.

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