Birthday Update!

It’s my Birthday today and V has bought me a Kindle!

I have been agonising about whether I want to own one or not for about two years now, and now I finally have it!

The Kindle Keyboard 3G

I will obviously treat you readers with a detailed account of what I think of it, but that’s for another post. Happy birthday to me then 🙂

5 thoughts on “Birthday Update!

  1. Happy birthday! Did you get a lot of cake? One deserves a lot of cake on one’s birthday.
    I hope you like your kindle; I have the same edition and I absolutely love it. Living in Norway, it takes forever for English books to reach me, so having a kindle really helps with that. No way would I be able to wait 3 weeks to get the books I’m waiting for.
    Take some time to get to know it, and let us know how the two of you are getting along ^^

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