The Eaten Heart: Unlikely Tales of Love …a review

I asked V to pick a number because I couldn’t decide which book to start with from my Penguin Great Love stack. He picked 3, so I had to pick this collection of short (very short) stories by Giovanni Boccaccio. The background is that ten young Florentines take refuge in the countryside from the Black Death and tell stories to pass the time.

These are stories of love found in strange places, felt by weird people, and mostly of love that was put to an unlikely end. Nothing about the stories is real or believable. For example, a depressed lover, on finding that her brothers had murdered her soulmate who she was loving in secret, finds his body, beheads him, and buries in under a bushel of herbs which she waters with her tears everyday. A bit over the top if you ask me. Another royal princess, manages to sleep with about 10 men across 3 continents and still manages to end up in a happily married life, honourably. Highly unlikely, but perhaps, life too, is that way.

I wouldn’t recommend this book, it is alright if you have nothing else to read but not otherwise.

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