Happy Birthday, Bill Bryson!

I decided to apply to do my Masters in the UK. Simply because. Yes, it was cheaper, it was quicker… but I would have gone to the US had my heart said so. I had the time, my bank had the money… I could’ve. But I chose to come to the UK. Anyway, as I was deciding to apply and shortlisting Universities in Feb and March 2012, my Birthday came up and my girls gifted me a copy of Notes from a Small Island.

I had grand plans of reading it on my flight to the UK. But alas, I boarded at 2.20 AM, ate to my fill, and conked off by about 4 AM. I landed in London at local time 6.45 AM and immigration was a GIANT bitch, so sadly, Bill Bryson didn’t get a chance. But, this book has been greatly recommended to me and I plan to read it over Christmas vacations. And I will let y’all know what I think of it!

Have you read it? Do you think it is a true and good representation of the UK? BBC thinks so! (here). Look at what my copy says on the first page 🙂

The land of my original birth :)... maybe that's why!

The land of my original birth 🙂
… maybe that’s why!

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