Beyond books…

The world of books and reading is immense. I’m pretty sure we all know that one person, who’d rather read than do anything else! No wonder, writing, blogging, reading is such a massive market these days. And no wonder then, that there is so much else that is in the market and everywhere around us, that is inspired from books and reading, but has, in fact, nothing to do with it! Take a look at this delightful bag, for instance,


This is so awesome. You can get it for yourself, or as a cheesy present for your girl, or even better, your guy 😉 And this is just a small example… cups, candles, posters, jewellery, you name it! Everything can now be branded with your favourite quote, character, or print. And then, of course, for the people in the digitized world, there are book ‘accessories’; stands for your e-reader, lights, covers, clips, and whatnots!

Gone are the days when all you could buy for an avid reader was a bookmark 😛 The web is full of things that you can buy, all related to reading. Take a look here! Can you possibly think of anything else that’s got to be done?

There’s this blog that I read which introduced me to this shop; I personally think this guy’s work is amazing! They are definitely overpriced though… because his work is worth more than his idea here. What I mean is, I have some amazing lines in pictures in my head too! So all I need is the inclination to put it into a software. The inception of the idea will never be mine, but the work for sure, will be original.

What do you think? Have you ever bought something for a book lover, other than a book? Will you, at some point?

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