Happy Birthday, Joseph Conrad!

1. He was Polish, and didn’t speak English fluently until he was in his 20s! Try telling that from one of his novels!

2. He sailed as a steward in his teens, the beginning of a long relationship with ships and the sea. I’ve always thought that orphans and sailors make great storytellers… he was both.

3. He was considered racist and unsympathetic because of some of his controversial themes in ‘The Heart of Darkness’.

4. He attempted suicide at 20! Apparently, he was in debt. Can a 20 year old attempt suicide because of debt? I don’t know… it doesn’t seem right to me

5. His language is very non verbose and exact, his style of writing is a bit stiff (I mean that in a good way). But he manages to create beauty through his words… no wonder, he has been an inspiration to many greats that came after him. This next quote is what I mean…

Quote: “We live as we dream–alone…”

Got it?

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