In the Land of Punctuation …a review

I haven’t been reading; as a result, I haven’t been thinking. I have no time because of my coursework (MSc). I feel empty…

Anyway, I did a little something a while ago for Tara Books, and lovely Maegan sent me a couple of books as a Thank you gesture. One of them was the last book I read, In the Land of Punctuation, by Christian Morgenstern. Now, the edition I read was a Tara Books one, illustrated by Rathna Ramanathan. In my opinion, it is she who makes the book rather than the author.

The poet, Morgenstern, uses punctuation marks as characters in a battlefield. And as all German works are wont to be, this too is replete with undertones, dark and satirical. There are the ass kissers and the black sheep, the betrayers and the fanatics, but it’s comical that they are all punctuation marks…

The illustration or rather graphic design is in red and black. It is a scathing combination, I loved this work. I did not think much of the narration, but I was blown away by the graphics. But then, that’s what Tara does, have a look here

Quote: The question marks avoid the scrape

(as always) and quietly escape.

Front Cover

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