Gone With The Wind …a review

There isn’t much I should say about this book. Enough and more has been said about Rhett Butler. Women the world over, have swooned and dreamed of him, a man like him. But there are things about Scarlett that touched me. Margaret Mitchell has put in all the ingredients of a woman in Scarlett. The confusion, the distress, the feminine grace, the charm, the spunk when all around her are giving up, the confidence that she can bring any man down to his knees, these are very basic elements in the constitution of every woman. She spends the major part of the book trying to win the love of Ashley Wilkes, a man who is a misfit in that time period for his idealism.

A lot of people have praised the character of Melanie Wilkes (Ashley’s wife) but personally, it is a lot more fun and true being Scarlett than Melanie. Melanie is stronger, sharper, and strong in principles but Scarlett, dear Scarlett is hot blooded, vivacious, and proud. She brings a lot of trouble for herself, runs away from them, and when her back is against the wall, turns around and deals with them. Now that is what women are like. Of course, I’ve had my time of swooning over Rhett, but he ain’t my fantasy man. Who is, you ask? Well that’ll make for another post… till then, keep reading.

Quote: Tomorrow I’ll think of some way . . . after all, tomorrow is another day. (I love this thing that Scarlett says, I swear by it).

2 thoughts on “Gone With The Wind …a review

  1. My fav Book…from the first time I read it…and till date…..read it over 15 times from the last count I can remember…..and still going strong……..

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