Black Beauty …a review

I read Black Beauty as a child, abridged when I was seven, and in full, maybe when I was ten. It left a deep impact on my heart at that early age. Animals are dear to me, horses are fascinating, and cruel men should be flogged, yes. This book is written by Anna Sewell from the point of view of a horse, Beauty, and the things that he goes through in his life. His relationship with other horses, particularly Ginger and the pony Merrylegs is a heart-warming part of the novel which really has made me believe that animals feel just as much or as little as humans do.

The book teaches children important lessons of dedication, humility, kindness, appreciation, and friendship. It teaches older people the same things, for when I go back to reading excerpts I find myself engrossed in the powerful allegories it represents. There are wonderful descriptions of farm houses and farm people, the kind of life they lead and the sort of stuff they believe in. The cruelty that some animals go through is heart wrenching. It has all the elements of a very good read. It is a perfect book to gift a young cousin or friend. And yes, read it before gifting it 🙂

Quote: The story of my life is the story of the people in it. I haven’t always been as lucky as I am, in this delicious place with grass, and water, and sunshine. Mine is a story of trust and betrayal, and learning to trust again. I remember everything.

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